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Thank you for taking time to visit this blog.

This is practically one of the best happennings in Cyberjaya to-date. At last an affordable home project suitable for practically everyone’s budget!

We strongly believe everyone of us in Cyberjaya deserves a decent living space for us and our families that would not cost us an arm or a leg. Don’t you agree?

This blog together with all future updates is dedicated to those who have made this wonderful project possible, providing a few hundred affordable homes to those who would like to have a home in Cyberjaya where they can live, study, work and play.

Please stay tuned, more exciting news to come!

Note: You may currently notice some posts are password-protected for the reasons that they are still under construction. They will be released to the public very soon. If you want to be continuously updated please provide your details in the comment box below; or just tell us what you think about this idea. Your comments are valueable to us. Thank you for your time.

0 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i am very intereted to know about the affordable home project at Cyberjaya. Hope to received a good news from you.

  2. Many people are looking forward to the succession of this development.
    Keep it on for the latest update..
    * btw, what is the password?

  3. Hi, there… I’ve come across that Cyberjaya currently is booming with a lot of high rise residential property. Would like to know how come the property that you are selling is the lowest? Does anyone of you know what is the progress of the properties available in Cyberjaya?

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